Lauren Olenius found her passion early in life. Some of her best memories are of helping her grandmother, "Boom Boom," in her greenhouse. Grandmother had an extensive collection of bromeliads and other exotic tropical plants. Digging, planting, pruning and getting dirty legitimately without being reprimanded. What could be more fun for a 6 year old with a budding green thumb?

Lauren's passion evolved into a part time job to make extra money during college days in Nacogdoches, Texas. In the beginning her part time job consisted of one truck, one mower, one blower, one yellow lab "helper" named Hannah, and one budding entrepreneur. While mowing ten yards in 103 degree heat on a Saturday, getting a nice tan and making extra cash was great in college, Lauren knew she wanted more. Her dream was to create a company that blended two favorite passions: building relationships with people; and building beautiful gardens. L3 Designs was born.

L3 Designs has evolved in to a successful, full-service design/build company that specializes in timeless gardens for exceptional clients. Even though L3 has grown in size, Lauren and her team continue to focus on creating customized solutions for the individual needs and wants of L3 Design clients. The mission statement remains the same: Every Client, Every Dream, Every Time.

Lauren lives in Katy, Texas, with her husband Danuel and their four Labs: Hannah; Hawk; Hudson; and Harlie.